Our Vision

To be the global business platform for the football industry.

Our Mission

To provide a networking and communication platform that promotes business engagement for the international Football Industry by connecting relevant people, companies, clubs and ideas that generate know-how, business opportunities, growth and development.

Our Values

Since its inception, WFS has been governed by a fundamental set of values. They shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions. They embody our commitment to build strong and efficient relationships with our partners, employees, shareholders, customers and all those who we serve.

Excellence: We commit to the highest quality standards in our service, relation to clients and business standards.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Entrepreneurs by nature, we take initiative, create opportunities and pioneer change.

Networking: Establishing the right contacts makes the world go round. We facilitate human connections that allow us to learn, grow and progress.

Collaboration: Our success depends on our ability to interact well with others. We are born team players and we use our combined set of skills to bring about the best possible results.

Curiosity: Our strong desire to learn helps us to constantly gain a fresh perspective. In this sense, curiosity stimulates our awareness, understanding and appreciation of the most important trends of the football industry.

Pluralism: We promote cultural diversity and stimulate an international environment where people of different and nationalities find and inspire each other.

Client value creation: Our clients and partners are our most important asset. WFS is all about adding value and we actively seek opportunities on a permanent basis for all our stakeholders, placing them at the very center of our activities.