#WFSatHome: The coronavirus crisis could lead to stricter and sophisticated salary caps

#WFSatHome: The coronavirus crisis could lead to stricter and sophisticated salary caps 1100 733 World Football Summit

The world is going to coronavirus, there’s no doubt about that. Sooner or later our lives will go back to normal. The ball will role again and people across the globe will come together to share the unique passion that only the beautiful game can create. But when that happens, the football and the sports industry in general will probably not be the same.

How is the coronavirus crisis going to reshape the industry? That’s hard to predict considering that this is an extremely fast-evolving pandemic. To try to understand some of the main challenges that the industry will have to face in the future, we are reaching out to the members of the WFS Advisory Board and other industry experts for a series of video-interviews called #WFSatHome that will be posted every week on the WFS YouTube channel and shared on our social media profiles and newsletters.Our first guest is Sport Marketing expert Carlos Cantó, Founder and CEO of SPSG Consulting, who predicts some significant changes in the relationship between football properties, sponsors and broadcasters, a huge growth opportunity for eSports and, in the long term, European football leagues implementing to NBA-style salary caps.

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