Football and Sponsorship:

Challenges and Trends Moving Forward

Sponsorship has become a crucial source of income in football. It generates over €65 billion per year worldwide and the figure rises every year. However, globalisation, digitalisation and the resulting changes in consumer habits will also pose important challenges for both sporting organisations and sponsors. To start with, properties will become more and more dependent on sponsorship revenue due to the increasing fragmentation of the broadcasting landscape, which at the same time poses a significant challenge for brands in terms of measuring Return on Investment. A workshop directed by marketing expert Carlos Cantó, CEO of SPGS Consulting, during WFS19 brought together leading executives representing top clubs such as Real Madrid, Valencia, Chelsea or Tottenham and brands like Audi Ab-Inbev, Alipay, CaixaBank, Santander or MasterCard to delve into the trends, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for both properties and brands. The insight provided by these leaders resulted in this report, which will prove useful for sport marketers aiming to stay ahead of the curve.

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