Football Innovation Forum (FIF) returns for second edition, taking place on 18 May in Sevilla

Football Innovation Forum (FIF) returns for second edition, taking place on 18 May in Sevilla 1920 1280 World Football Summit

World Football Summit‘s Football Innovation Forum (FIF) returns this May, with Sevilla playing host to the event on the eve of the UEFA Europa League final. This news – written by WFS’ Kabir Nagpal – was first revealed in the latest edition of WFS Digest, our new insider’s guide to the latest and most relevant thoughts and practises from within the football industry. You can keep up-to-date with all our latest news by subscribing to WFS Digest HERE.

The football industry will once again meet at the intersection of innovation, technology and the future of our beloved game when the Football Innovation Forum returns for its second edition this summer on 18 May 2022 at Las Setas de Sevilla (Plaza de la Encarnación), Seville.

On the eve of the UEFA Europa League final that will also be held in the south of Spain this year, 18 speakers will headline four panels in an invite-only event that addresses topics dedicated to football innovation, investment, and technology.

Sevilla will play host to both WFS Europe and the WFS Football Innovation Forum (FIF) in 2022.

With the event focused on how technology has affected – and continues to affect – the way football is played, consumed and shared, the tentative sessions scheduled for the day are*:

  • The Decade of Innovation: Major advancements and their butterfly effect in football

Addressing the biggest steps taken in the industry over the past ten years, our speakers will predict the after effects we are due to see in the coming decade.

  • Explore the Marketing Metaverse: Blurring the boundaries between the old and new industrial realities

The ‘M-word’ is fast becoming the most searched entity online. We bring the experts to answer all those questions in one sizzling conversation.

  • The Goal is Green: Key Innovations for a Sustainable Sport

With no #PlanetB, there’s no time to waste. Football has taken giant leaps in the right direction to make the industry sustainable, and the top speakers behind the movement will keep that momentum going at FIF.

  • More than Ones & Zeroes: Managing the future of Sports Data

Footballing performance may be displayed on high-tech gadgets with graphs and numbers, but the implementable reality lies in understanding performance beyond statistics.

  • Hybrid Partnerships in Sport: Increased Flexibility for Increased Revenue?

Revenue-making models have been turned upside down in the past couple years, and there’s just one common rule for staying in the green zone – go with the flow and experiment new ventures.

The inaugural edition of FIF in Madrid, 2019 saw decision-makers in the industry drawing on disruptive insights from inside and outside the world of football. Some of the key stakeholders at the event were FIFA, UEFA, Meta, LaLiga, Movistar+, Kosmos, DFL, Genius Sports and more.

The first World Football Summit (WFS) Football Innovation Forum (FIF) took place in Madrid in 2019.

WFS will be reviewing every single attendee of the 150 who are set to be invited to an executive knowledge-sharing and networking event. The seniority of the invitees guarantees that all participants at FIF will leave with impactful connections that lead to pivotal partnerships in the future.

On 20 January, during the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) 2022 festival being held in Madrid, the Mayor of Sevilla, Antonio Muñoz spoke to WFS director Marian Otamendi about the upcoming event in the city, which will also play host to WFS Europe in 2022, from 28-29 September.

She said: “We have a responsibility towards the industry and towards Seville, whose commitment to football and sport is impressive.”

*More specific details on the full FIF programme will be released in the coming weeks. To receive those updates first, subscribe to WFS Digest HERE.