December 2022

A Special Report on Football Ownership & Governance

European football has experienced a high influx of investments in the past decade, reaching historic record-breaking numbers. Despite the turmoil in the financial markets in the past couple of years, stakeholders from around the world searching for alternative investments have found football clubs as an attractive investment asset with continuously growing valuations.

The outlook for the football market could not be more positive. The global industry size reached US$ 3.02 Billion in 2021 (imarc, 2021). Moreover, experts predict the market to grow to US $ 3.87 Billion by 2027, at a growth rate (CAGR) of 4.10% during 2022–2027.

This is creating new dynamics around the ways in which football properties are governed and getting access to new ways of funding growth. This was the topic of one of the workshops that took place in WFSEurope 2022 led by Carlos Cantó from SPSG Consulting, where 16 top industry experts shared insights and debated about how these dynamics will evolve in the future.

The subsequent report covers the following topics:

1. Ownership of football clubs
2. Type of Investments
3. Governance of football clubs

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World Football Summit Report on Football Ownership & Governance

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