Industry Awards

The WFS Industry Awards acknowledge and reward the work done by professionals in the football industry, who in their daily lives, beyond the 90 minutes of game, make this sport a real economic engine. This event rewards the achievements of the world’s leading football club managers, agencies, sponsors, press, associations and NGOs.
With a distinguished jury, selected for their expertise and wide knowledge of the industry, the WFS Awards are a major networking event linked to the annual World Football Summit congress. The awards serve as a recognition to the best professionals in the global football industry, and as a marketing badge for the winners.


The awards ceremony of the WFS Industry Awards will be held on the evening of September 24th, 2018, an “by invitation only” event attended by WFS18’s VIP attendees, speakers and authorities.
Anyone interested in submitting their candidacy for any of the categories of the WFS Industry Awards should carefully read the following terms and conditions.
Any person or institution can send and apply on behalf of another institution or executive.
The application deadline is August 17th, 2018 at 23:59 hrs Madrid.


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WFS Industry Awards 2018

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WFS Industry Awards 2017 winners

WFS Industry Awards Ceremony 2017


Julio Senn – Partner – Senn, Ferrero, Asociados

Best Executive

Directed to:
The executive who has made a change for the benefit of the institution, has made the most efficient use of its resources and has achieved greater impact according to their capabilities.

We will evaluate:
· Financial management
· Operational management
· Sports facilities
· Investment

Aspects to be defined in the application:
· Objectives met (KPI)
· Quantitative or Qualitative

Jury Members

Best Supplier

Directed to:
Companies that provide products or services to the football industry.

* The company may be a supplier for different football clubs or sports disciplines.

We will evaluate:
· General description of the company
· Specific description of the product or service
· Results obtained through the implementation of the product or service

Jury Members

Best CSR Inititative

Directed to:
Clubs, Club Foundations, institutions, NGOs or companies that promote social change through football.

We will evaluate:
· Creativity of the initiative
· Social impact
· Repercussion
· Originality
· Management of resources obtained with the initiative*.

* If the club collaborates with an external entity (foundation), the prize will be awarded on behalf of the two institutions.

Jury Members

Best Venue

Directed to:
Stadiums and sport facilities

We will evaluate:
· Fan Experience (in the stadium or through new technologies)
· Changes in infrastructure
· Technological advances (Connectivity)
· Match day operations
· Access
· Personalized attention
· Comfort
· Catering
· Security

Aspects to define in the application:
· Objectives fulfilled
· Changes / advances applied
· Concrete Results

Jury Members

Best Club Commercial Initiative

Directed to:
The commercial initiative of a club that has allowed an increase in income.

Examples of initiatives that may be presented as candidates:

· Fan Engagement, Social Networks, members, ticketing, friendly matches, equipment, licenses, among others.

We will evaluate:
· The creativity of the initiative
· The efficiency in achieving the preset results
· Increase in club’s income
· Impact

Aspects to be define in the application:
· Objectives fulfilled
· Inititative
· Concrete Results

Jury Members

Best Women’s Football Initiative

Directed to:
The company or institution whose performance or initiative has contributed in an outstanding and relevant way to promote the development and growth of women’s football, on a professional level, achieving notoriety and a certain projection that inspires new generations to practice it and audiences to follow it.

We will evaluate:
· Repercussion and notoriety of the initiative or project: ROI in communication, RRSS and Media tools to take action and carry on the initiative

· Overall contribution to the growth of the women’s football industry

· Incentive to the practice of women’s football

· Social impact on women’s football

· Sustainability of the action or initiative on a long-term period

· The efficiency in achieving the preset results

Aspects to be define in the application:
· Objectives fulfilled

· Concrete results (KPI)

· Quantitative and/or Qualitative

Jury Members

Most Creative Campaign

As a novelty for this year’s WFS Industry Awards 2018, the new Most Creative Campaign category has been created together with the renowned El Sol festival, internationally recognized for rewarding the creativity of advertising in Ibero-American countries. This new category has been introduced to recognize the creative excellence of communication campaigns related to the world of football, resulting in an increased reputation of the WFS Industry Awards.

Directed to:
The most creative video campaign around football.

We will evaluate:
· The creativity of the campaign
· Innovation
· Impact / Coverage

Aspects to be define in the application:
· Objectives fulfilled
· Inititative
· Concrete Results

Additional Requirements

Following the general terms and conditions of the WFS Industry Awards previously mentioned, the candidacies for this category must also abide the following:

· The videos must contain English subtitles. In case not,  the candidates must include the English script in the corresponding file.

· The submitted applications must be authorized by the advertiser.

·  The actions or campaigns presented must be original and not violate third party rights.

· All the actions or campaigns must be registered as they were exhibited, without changes for festivals or contests.

·  It is not allowed that two different companies present the same campaign separately.

· The candidacy registration must be done through as detailed below (see registration process).

· The winner will be awarded a Sol de Oro during the WFS Industry Awards 2018 – This award will not count for the El Sol winner records.

All submitted material will be part of the El Sol Festival and WFS files.

Registration Process

· Register as a new user on El Sol Festival website.

· Fill in the registration form, access with your username and password and access to “Inscripción Material”.

· Click on “Nueva Inscripción” and fill in your information

· If you have any doubts with this procedure, please contact El Sol Festival.

What My Application should include

1. Registration form (200 words)
· Objective to fulfill
· Campaign description
· Results

2. Upload the campaign spot


· Quicktime 16:9 | 1920×1080 | 1280×720 or 1024×576

· Quicktime 16:9 anamorific | 720×576 | 720×480

· If the spot is not subtitled in English, include the script in the
corresponding file.

3. Optional:

Explanatory 3-minute video of the campaign addressed to the jury
in case they wish to deepen in the campaign.

Jury Members