January 2023

A Special Report on Player Performance

It is undeniable that player performance is at the core of the success of any major sport. When players compete to the best of their ability, the quality of the game increases, and therefore starting different fly-wheels ignite the sport’s growth.

From a business perspective, more quality should attract more fans, leading investors and broadcasters seeking to enter the market. Similarly, as the game grows, more talented players emerge as time passes, increasing the overall level of the sport.

As an example, these dynamics have become quite evident with the rise of women’s football.

Despite all of this, it sometimes seems that the football industry does not prioritize the investment needed to truly optimize player performance, as it focuses more on obtaining short-medium term revenues rather than creating long-lasting impact.

This was the topic of one of the exclusive workshops that took place in WFSEurope 2022 led by ThermoHuman, where a group top-tier industry experts shared insights and expertise on the dynamics currently impacting the realm of player performance.

The subsequent report covers the following topics:

  1. Competition Requirements
  2. Technology’s Role
  3. Training
  4. Player’s Role
  5. Player Vs. Institution Alignment

Make sure you download it now and stay on top of the game!

report on player performance 2023

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