Founding Partner – Morrison Rothman LLP

Allison Rothman

Allison has represented players across all of the top titles in esports. From her extensive background of working directly with and acting as outside counsel for the world’s largest fashion, luxury goods, jewelry, and entertainment brands in order to protect their intellectual property rights, the expansion of her practice to esports and digital entertainment was not an obvious one. However, Allison took her strong intellectual property background and turned it into a mechanism to fight for player rights and bolster these athletes’ position within the industry. Now, as a Founding Partner of Morrison Rothman LLP, Allison actively provides legal services in all aspects of video games and esports, as well as other areas such as digital entertainment, fashion, and consumer goods. She is passionate about educating others and advocating for proper representation, whether through handling countless pro bono deals, showing players the power of having an attorney, or teaching clients about the value of securing, maintaining, and enforcing their IP rights.

Recently she has been involved with the following causes: Feeding Britain’s Children’, Rashford’s documentary in partnership with the BBC, Rashford’s ‘Full Time’ cooking initiative with Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge, and recent engagements with Barack Obama and Sir Alex Ferguson.