Co-founder – Blinder

Caley Wilson

As the communications manager of New Zealand Rugby League, Caley was frustrated with what he saw as huge limitations around how teams and leagues could make their athletes accessible and get their stories told.

That’s led to creating a communications platform used by Olympic champions, Grammy winners and teams from the NCAA to the Premier League. In fact, you’ve almost certainly seen stories generated by ‘talent’ using Blinder to speak directly – through their own handsets – with media, fans and sponsors, but without anyone’s privacy being sacrificed. Blinder has clients on four continents, including FIFA World Cup-winning teams and major record labels.

Before diving deep into the world of communications tech, Caley had worked closely with many of New Zealand’s leading netball players, had written sporting features for that country’s largest newspaper, and had also worked in international marketing for the British Horseracing Authority.

If Caley unexpectedly drops ‘Y’all’ into conversation, please appreciate that he spent a lot of last year in Texas, where Blinder was part of the Stadia Ventures sports tech accelerator.