Head of Brand Partnerships – Dapper Labs

Caty Tedman

“Caty Tedman is the Head of Partnerships for Dapper Studio at Dapper Labs, which drives in-house led blockchain projects. Having spent a decade in sports technology leadership in various roles at the NHL, NFL, and ESPN, Tedman is a catalyst in designing blockchain based IP-driven opportunities to bring fans closer to what they love. She has played a crucial role in the partnership success with the NBA for NBA TopShot and continues to be a key figure heading over key partnerships including WNBA, WNBPA, the NBPA, Warner Music Group, Turner Media, Dr. Seuss, UFC, and more. Prior to her role at Dapper Labs, Tedman served as VP of Partnerships at the parent company Axiom Zen.

Tedman graduated with a BA from Fairfield University and an MBA from the University of British Columbia.”