Ambassador – Global Sports Innovation Centre powered by Microsoft

Francesco Anesi

Academically, Francesco studied in Trieste, Vienna and Cambridge.

Professionally, Francesco is Ambassador of the “Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft” (GSIC). Together with GSIC and other (governmental/non-governmental) organizations, Francesco is a bridge-builder, working on sustainability, sport and innovation (because, as Isaac Newton warned: “We build too many walls and not enough bridges”).

Passionately, Francesco is among the Founders of “FIGC Youth Lab” (a laboratory exploring, innovating and empowering the youth, the grassroots and the territorial dimension of the Italian Football Association); organized the “First Hackathon of Italian Football: Marathon of Innovation of FIGC”, which won the “UEFA Prize for Innovation and Creativity”; and teaches at the “Scuola dello Sport” and in educational departments.

Previously, he has been a project manager at the “Cluster Sport-Strategic Marketing” in TrentinoSviluppo, a researcher at the European Academy, a consultant to the OECD (and RAI) and a collaborator of the 2013 Winter Universiade.