Freestyle Football Athlete

Lisa Zimouche

“I started playing because men told me not to. Back home, people watch women play and say, ‘They’re not good, they can’t play, it’s a male thing.’ I said, ‘No, watch me.” – Lisa Zimouche

Lisa Zimouche is a game-changer, evolving at the intersection of sport x culture x empowerment. Born on June 29, 1999, Liza Zimouche grew up with her parents and her older sister in Antony, located in Paris’ suburbs. Lisa started playing football at Paris Saint-Germain’s youth academy. By 10, she became fascinated with street football, freestyle and panna despite the fact that for many, this is a male sport.

Lisa started competing in freestyle football at the early age of 13 and was part of the Red Bull Street World Final in 2012 where she earned the bronze medal. In 2014, Lisa won the World Female Panna Championship and became the world freestyle female soccer champion. She finally made the brave decision to leave the PSG’s academy and pursue her new career, hyper-focused around her passion: Street Football.

She started sharing videos on digital & social media platforms, juggling and playing one-on-one in the streets. She is now highly popular with a global reach of 3.7 millions followers. Lisa has performed at the most high profile sporting events, against A-List celebrities, athletes, artists such as and she is also a brand ambassador for companies.

Thanks to freestyle, Lisa has performed with athletes and artists such as Usain Bolt, Paul Pogba, Ronaldinho, Drake or Major Lazer and much more. But, Lisa is more than an athlete. She is a cultural role model and a committed activist. She is now using her voice to advocate for women’s rights, to promote the values of gender equity while at the same time working with girls in the real world to achieve their best potential. Her discipline and the message of women’s empowerment that she is spreading on digital platforms has allowed her to attend the United Nationals Youth Forum at UN Headquarters in April 2019.

Since February 2020, Lisa has been working with the Common Goal movement, focusing her pledge on pushing for gender equality.