Business Development Manager – Sports Alliance

Nuno Mena

Nuno Mena joined Sports Alliance in June 2017 at the time to be part of the Spanish expansion and creating the foundations for the Portuguese market and also to lead Sports Alliance “jump” to the American continent. 2 and half years later the Spanish operations counts now with 18 costumers, including LaLiga, clubs and a brilliant sports events organizers as the World Football Summit and in Portugal and Latam the count of sports organizations using Sports Alliance tools is now 7 and counting. FC Porto, Liga Portugal or Fluminense are part of this list. Sports, football and the associated business as always been a tremendous personal passion that made him pass in two UK agencies and having his own company before joining Sports Alliance. Also had a 16 year Corporate Business Development role in the major Portuguese Telecom company. Nuno understands that Sports Organizations should be data-driven and based in facts that´s why he also has an huge interest for all “next big thing” companies, with disruptive tools that will make sports better, funnier and with a deeper understanding of all stakeholders, changing the business model. Nuno holds an MBA in the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa and a degree in Laws.