WFS Talks

WFS Talks: The new interview series sharing football industry insider insight

WFS Talks: The new interview series sharing football industry insider insight 1200 600 World Football Summit

World Football Summit is pleased to announce the launch of WFS Talks, a new interview series that will see some of the brightest minds in the business share insider insight on the latest industry trends.

WFS Talks will feature leaders from across the global industry’s various sectors, with a special focus on those innovative and creative professionals disrupting the business and driving the game to the next level.

This new video series will provide a unique opportunity for sport business professionals and fans to get first-hand insight into how the leading brands and properties are navigating these unprecedented times, and how the sport and the industry are being reshaped.

It will include interviews in English and in Spanish, all of which will be available for free on our YouTube channel and across our social media platforms.

Episode 1 will feature Lee Hemmings, a former stockbroker who is transforming the football transfer market with Player Lens, a digital platform aiming to bring efficiency to the market by helping players, clubs and agents overcome communication barriers and travel restrictions.

In just four years since its creation, ‘Football’s LinkedInhas attracted 600 clubs from across the world and over 100 player agents, facilitating transfers involving top players and major clubs worldwide.

Hemmings will discuss the key role played by Player Lens in the 2020 summer transfer window, when the platform saw its business grow up to 130 per cent despite the global marketing dropping at around 40%, and will share his views on the long-term effects of the pandemic on the market.