#WFSatHome: David Garrido has a 3-word message for the football indusry

#WFSatHome: David Garrido has a 3-word message for the football indusry 1698 1352 World Football Summit

The football industry as a whole is facing a huge challenge ever since all major competitions were forced to pause due to the global coronavirus pandemic : how to keep the millions of fans around the world engaged? This question is the main topic of the second episode of #WFSatHome.

Clubs and properties are making some remarkable efforts producing a wide range of alternative content for social media, going from sneak peeks into player’s home-training sessions, eSport competitions, promoting viral challenges or even putting together virtual music festivals, like the recent LaLigaSantander Fest.

But what about broadcasters and right holders, who made huge investments for a premium product that has all of a sudden vanished? How are they tackling this unprecedented situation and what impact is this crisis going to have in the way they approach sports content in the future?

To discuss this and other topics such as the implications of resuming competitions under closed doors, we reached out to one of the most experienced sports broadcasters in the UK: Sky Sports presenter and World Football Summit host David Garrido. He believes this unfortunate pandemic has brought a clear and straightforward message: “Pivot to digital”.