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World Football Summit is the first large-scale international football convention to be held in Spain, which will include all the relevant actors in the football industry.


Companies representatives, investors and institutions related with the football industry will create huge networking opportunities.


Top level speakers representing teams, players, media, relevant Institutions, NGO’s and the technological sector to discuss issues of high interest.


Hours of Networking supported by Nexus, to achieve individual and common agenda objectives.

The congress

The conferences will be the guiding line of WFS, articulated through talks, lectures and roundtable discussions centered on the football and sports industry.


Economy and football

Football is so much more than a mere sport. Economically speaking, football’s influence goes way beyond its 90 minute game. In Spain alone, the football industry represents over 1% of the national GDP and offers countless business opportunities. We will be exploring football’s business model with a special focus on Spain, approaches to the different management styles, internationalization of the industry, diversification of income sources and the role of firms and clubs in the international football arena.


Technology and Big Data

Technology is changing the world we live in and football is not an exception to this transformation. Discover how the leading firms and cutting edge Startups are engaging in this new field of opportunities. We will get a peek of how the latest technology and innovations can help strengthen athletes’ performance, increase the entertainment for viewers and boost clubs incomes. Are you ready to reach out and discover how the game of football is using technology to jump to the next level?


Social development

Football is a sport with important values that can be used as a tool to fight poverty and social exclusion. In this section, important Institutions, clubs and firms will present us their programs and contributions to the improvement of child welfare and disfavored societies.


Confirmed speakers for World Football Summit 2016


Day 1


Opening ceremony– 09:00 h.

Economic axis of Football

Investments in football teams

Qatar 2022: World cup opportunities

TV rights, content distribution and revenue sharing

Third party investment: are there any alternatives?

China: on the rise

Social implications of Football

Football as an element of social inclusion

Football ethics, role and dimensions

Day 2


Technological impact on Football– 09:00 h.

Fans & marketing

Smart stadiums

WFS GSIC Start-Cup competition

Economic potential of woman`s football

Closing ceremony– 15:00 h.


A space to meet, network and do business with the leaders of the industry.


Expo Area

The WFS Expo Area will allow companies, institutions and organizations to showcase their products and services. This will be an area visited by well-known personalities, that guarantee media coverage and where company presentations, microevents and press conferences will be held, and will feature networking and B2B spaces such as a cafeteria and private meeting room areas. The space will remain open during the Congress and the Fan Zone, which will allow exhibitors to be in contact not only with the 700 accredited professional attending, but also with the more than 4,000 people visiting the Fan Zone.



WFS Expo Area will host an open area where companies and institutions can make presentations of their products and services. Microevents may be made, depending on the approach, either during the congress, the 27th and 28th, or during the Fan Zone on the 29th, depending on the audience they want to target.


B2B meetings

WFS Expo Area will host an open area with plenty of tables and chairs and a large cafeteria, so that companies and institutions can sit with other companies, exchange opportunities and explore synergies. WFS also offers attendees the B2B + service, closing meetings with companies and institutions designated by the customer.

WFS Startup Competition

The Global Sports Innovation Centre (GSIC) powered by Microsoft and World Football Summit have created the WSF-GSIC StartUp Challenge. A perfect platform for innovative startups in the field of football and technology to showcase their company during the Congress with an elevator pitch and meet potential investors, partners and customers.


Why attend WFS?

World Football Summit represents the ideal showcase for all those companies and organizations directly or indirectly linked to the football industry that want to have access to privileged networking opportunities with clients that would normally be out of their reach.


It is the first time an event of this characteristics and nature will be celebrated in Spain, which will transcend into great coverage by media and audiences.


The event will have the participation of, amongst others, investors in the football industry, agents and players.


WFS will help understand the impact of new technologies in football, Big Data, new consumer channels and the incorporation of new investors in football arena.


WFS Expo is the epicenter for firms and professionals related to the industry, where the players dedicated to this sport meet and network.


Connect with the leaders of the football industry

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