Luis Llagostera

Born from a Spanish- Venezuelan couple, Luis soon develop a passion of football. His natural skills made him standout very soon, at the age of 8 he started to play for Real Madrid for the next 4 years. Due to growth problems her sadly had to quit a promising career as a player.
He studied university at the prestigious Lancaster University of England to then become part of L’Oreal Team in Spain. His career in the world of cosmetics made him experience different European markets from different departments. Luis had always shown a passion for entrepreneurship and worked on his side projects and business.
In 2015 Luis quits his role as E-Retail Manager for the Luxury product division of L’Oreal and moves to Germany to work for Adidas as Global Digital Marketing Manager. During 2 years Luis was in charge of the strategy of the online Customization (miadidas) and the major Commercial Digital moments of the year. After a moment of clarity luis decides to quit the Adidas to start along with his brother Jorge and his friend Ivan, Fly-Fut. A startup the brings a never seen before solution that enables amateur football players to feel like their idols. Fly-Fut records amateur and semi-professional competitions with drone thecnology, edit the games with professional effects, replicating the visual experience of professional football on TV. Then they serve the content on their app in a subscription business model ( Content as a Service). Amateur football will ever be the same again.