Expresidente – RFEF

Angel María Villar

“I was born in Bilbao (Biscay, Basque Country, Spain), on 1950. I have a Degree in Law from the University of Deusto and have been a practising lawyer since I retired from football in 1981 until I was appointed as President of the Spanish FA in 1988.

I became a professional player in First Division in the Athletic Club de Bilbao. Throughout my career, I have played more than 400 matches with my lifelong club, for over 11 seasons, in the competitions in my country and UEFA. With my club I was Champion of the Spanish Cup in 1973, and finalist of the old UEFA Cup in 1978. I had the pleasure of playing with the Spanish National Football Team for five years. During this stage of my life, I founded, along with other colleagues, the football players’ Union in my country, where I held the position of Vice-President

Then, I was elected President of the Spanish FA and formerVice-president of FIFA and UEFA, having several responsibilities in the different Committees of both entities. It gave to me extensive experience and knowledge on their functioning and on the principles to be followed in them. “

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