Owner – Udinese Calcio

Magda Pozzo

Magda Pozzo is the Marketing Strategic Coordinator for Udinese Calcio. The main objective of her role is to manage all international sponsorship projects between the teams in the Pozzo Ownership Group teams, Serie A club Udinese and Premier League club Watford.

Magda, who always had a passion for innovation, was the first person to introduce the concept of Naming Rights of a Stadium in Italy when she signed the Dacia Arena (Renault Group) deal in 2015. She strongly believes that a Stadium must be perceived as an incubator for different activities besides football and it must be shared with the community. Magda has been a strong supporter of B2B relationships, innovative concepts of hospitality and sustainability. She believes football should be a force for social change and an inspiration to society.
Before entering the football world, Magda worked for 15 years as the international commercial director for the Pozzo family industrial group in woodworking machinery and power tools, setting up its distribution worldwide. Magda graduated from AU University in Washington DC in Business Administration Cum Laude and French Literature.