A Solution, Not A Fix

· by Mariana Stocco

Iterpro ( has built a system which aims to improve communication between football club departments. In this feature, they explain their ethos, we hear from some of their customers and learn how football clubs can reap the financial benefits of a data-driven approach.

As elite teams have become more professional, each individual department has grown, and each department has specialist software.

We felt that because of all this specialist software, communication between departments has been lost. Our goal as a company is to display the most relevant information to the relevant departments. If a sports scientist compiles a detailed report on the entire squad, you want the manager and other departments to have an easy, consumable overview, without necessarily going into full detail.

By presenting the right information to the right people, we solve a big problem. Our customers agree.

Dr. Alberto Calicchio, Head of Medical at the AC Milan Academy, said: “Iterpro has almost eradicated communication problems between staff members… What I like most is that every step is easily understandable by an external figure. It’s not only for doctors and sports scientists. In practical terms, the manager, or eventually the Director, can check the players’ status in every moment, even if he doesn’t come to our training ground. This is vitally important for us.”

We aim to bring the whole club into the system.

As we created Iterpro with the primary goal of connecting departments, it is integral we connectall departments. By making it easy to understand and present information, any department can benefit from the system.

For example, we connect the finance department by helping them leverage data to go from player management to asset management. By collating all necessary information, finance departments can get a broad overview of the performance of their most valuable assets, the players. An extension of this is our bespoke director app for senior management at clubs, showing condensed, well presented data to look at ad hoc.

Extra revenue opportunities

We’re finding more and more of our customers exploring ways to leverage the Iterpro platform to realise the maximum potential value of their data. These customers include leagues, federations and clubs, all of whom can benefit in different ways.

As such, we are focusing on the financial benefits we can provide to our customers. This comes in the form of both product development, but also in the growth of the company: we’ve partnered with a significant player in football finance to enhance our offerings further and have made recent senior hires with experience steeped in the finance side of professional football.

We continue to welcome aboard new customers and are keen to hear from any clubs, leagues or federations (and their partners) who are looking to improve communication and decision making.