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The Evolution of Sports Content: The Creator Economy in Football

· by World Football Summit

In the dynamic world of sports, content creation has evolved from simple game highlight reels to engaging, personal, and even interactive experiences. This transformation is largely driven by innovative content creators who have become influential figures in the industry. Among them, Jero Freixas stands out as a prime example of how connecting with audiences can revolutionize fan engagement.

How can football properties or businesses learn from these dynamics, in which the creator economy is taking the industry by storm?

The Rise of Influential Content Creators

Gone are the days when sports fans relied solely on traditional media for updates and insights. Today, content creators wield significant influence, shaping how fans consume and interact with sports. These creators, with their unique storytelling and authentic connections, bring fans closer to the action and the personalities behind the game. They are not just sharing content; they are building communities and fostering loyalty.

As we have said in the past, content drives engagement, and engagement drives revenue.

Jero Freixas: A Case Study in Innovation

Jero Freixas, an innovator in the football content landscape, is a perfect example of such a shift. His ability to connect with audiences through humor, relatability, and a genuine love for the game has set him apart. With a massive following on social media, Jero has shown that engaging content can transcend traditional boundaries and reach a global audience.



But content and creating audiences is not the end game. Jero’s recent venture as an owner of Muchachos FC, a club in the Kings League, further showcases his understanding of the evolving football business. By leveraging his influence, he demonstrates how content creators can drive audience engagement from day one, much like Mr. Beast’s impact in the U.S. This move highlights the potential for creators to shape the future of sports entertainment, blending traditional elements with innovative approaches, that actually lead to monetisation.

Ultimately, Jero exemplifies the framework we discussed with Kike Levy in which he urged properties to first focus on creating an audience, then monetise and finally innovate.

Changing Dynamics in the Industry

It is undeniable the influence of content creators like Jero is changing the dynamics of the sports industry. Their reach and engagement capabilities provide invaluable lessons for football properties looking to stay relevant in a crowded market. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Authentic Engagement: Content creators thrive on authenticity. Football properties can learn from this by fostering genuine connections with their fans, beyond just the game.
  • Interactive Content: The shift towards interactive and engaging content is crucial. Leveraging social media, live streams, and fan interactions can create a more immersive experience and even a greater sense of involvement by fans.
  • Community Building: Building a community around the sport is as important as the sport itself. Engaging content that resonates with fans’ emotions and experiences can cultivate a loyal fanbase. Again, loyalty drives revenue.
  • Innovative Ventures: Embracing new formats and platforms, as Jero has with the Kings League, can open up fresh avenues for engagement and growth.

Business Opportunities in the Evolving Landscape

At World Football Summit, we pride ourselves on helping businesses from all geographies and sizes enter the complex football industry. The professionalization of the industry is essential, and the new dynamics brought by content creators present significant business opportunities.

  • Market Entry Support: WFS provides the expertise and network to help businesses navigate the complexities of the football industry.
  • Professional Development: We emphasize the need for professionalization in the industry, offering insights and strategies to elevate business practices. We even have opportunities for emerging talent that will shape the future of the sport we love.
  • Capitalizing on Trends: By understanding the influence of content creators, businesses can tap into new fan engagement strategies, driving growth and innovation.
  • Global Networking: Our global events connect businesses with key industry leaders, creating opportunities for collaboration and expansion.


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The Future of Football Content

As the sports content landscape continues to evolve, football properties must adapt and innovate. Learning from content creators like Jero Freixas, who will be a featured speaker at the World Football Summit Americas in Mexico City on June 5-6, 2024, can provide valuable insights. His ability to connect, engage, and influence offers a roadmap for the future of fan engagement in football.

Join us at the World Football Summit Americas to hear from Jero and other industry leaders as we explore the future of sports content and fan engagement. Together, we can shape the next era of football entertainment and seize the business opportunities it presents.