The numbers behind the 2026 World Cup

· by World Football Summit

Unlock the Future of Football Business with Our Exclusive 2026 FIFA World Cup Report!

Are you ready to dive into the biggest football business insights of the decade?

Our latest report, crafted in collaboration with El Mister, offers a comprehensive analysis of the main business metrics for the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup. This is a must-read for business professionals looking to capitalize on the immense opportunities in the football industry.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover:

  • Revenue Projections: Did you know that the 2023-2026 cycle is expected to generate $11 billion? That’s a whopping $4.56 billion more than the 2022 World Cup cycle. Find out where this money is coming from and how it will impact the industry.
  • Host Country Impact: Curious about the economic boost for the host countries? Mexico, the United States, and Canada are projected to see significant financial benefits. Learn how much each country will gain and what that means for local economies.
  • Investment Highlights: What are the major investments driving this World Cup? From operating expenses to marketing rights and prize money, we break down the key figures that will shape the tournament’s success.
  • City-Specific Insights: Want to know which cities are making the biggest moves? Discover the innovative plans and substantial investments from cities like Monterrey, NY/NJ, LA, Miami, and Toronto, and how they’re gearing up to host this monumental event.
  • Job Creation and Legacy: How will the World Cup create jobs and leave a lasting legacy? Our report details the expected job creation, salary payments, and long-term benefits for the host cities.

Intrigued? Download your copy now and stay ahead in the football business game!


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