Global Football Report – Discovering Football’s Emerging Frontiers

· by World Football Summit

The football industry is going through a period of transformational change. Technology is changing the way the game is played and consumed, modern governance and ownership models are welcoming new stakeholders to the ecosystem, as emerging leagues challenge the status quo in popularity and overall growth. On this latter point, some would argue these efforts will not be enough to catch up with the traditional “big leagues.” But is this true?

Football transcends Europe’s premier leagues and the allure of multi-million dollar deals with international superstars. Beyond the well-established traditional hubs, a diverse and dynamic panorama of football emerges, characterized by a multitude of leagues in motion.

Given its global nature, it seems relevant to analyse which are the markets with the highest potential when combining the dynamics mentioned above, and the economic and demographic forces at play.

The objective of this report is to provide the reader with a comprehensive and detailed view of how a set of markets across different continents are expected to grow and as a result, define a different future for football.

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