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Connecting Continents & Empowering Football: Insports Eurolatam’s Impact

· by World Football Summit

In the rapidly evolving landscape of football, the need for cross-continental connections and innovative approaches has become more crucial than ever. Enter INsports EuroLatamWFS Europe’s Supporting Partner and a Sports Development Hub that has successfully bridged the gap between Europe and Latin America, creating a permanent platform for industry growth and collaboration. In this exclusive interview with Óscar Pérez Córdoba Dávila, the visionary mind behind INsports, we delve into the organization’s role in shaping the football industry, the importance of education, untapped market potential, and the power of collaboration.

Unlocking Value through Connections

INsports EuroLatam’s journey began with a groundbreaking initiative- the EuroLatam Sports Marketing Summit in Chile. Over five successful editions, it evolved into a hub for industry-specific programs, including two major ones for football: Youth Football Americas and WINS – Women in Sports. As Óscar explains, “Our goal is to connect Europe and Latin America, promoting integrity, innovation, and international collaboration in the football world.”

Education: Building a Knowledgable Workforce

When discussing the current state of education in the football industry, Óscar highlights the need for specialization and skill development. He emphasizes three key areas that professionals should focus on: “facilities, fans and technology”Underpinning the pyramid is the importance of understanding fan behavior, enhancing stadium experiences, and harnessing technology to optimize club operations. He notes the progress made in recent years, with FIFA and LaLiga spearheading educational initiatives that underscore the industry’s growing emphasis on knowledge and innovation.

LatAm’s Untapped Potential

As European football properties continue to expand their presence in Latin America, Óscar identifies passion as the linchpin for success. He urges clubs to recognize the uniqueness of each market and engage local partners who can navigate cultural nuances. He suggests that hosting events, like preseason tours, can create mutually beneficial connections and open doors to previously untapped potential.

INsports EuroLatam’s Impact

INsports EuroLatam’s partnership with LaLiga and the European Stadium and Safety Management Association (ESSMA) stands as a shining example of success. Collaborating on infrastructure solutions and international events, they’ve showcased the power of knowledge-sharing and strategic collaboration. With a focus on integrity, innovation and internationalization, INsports EuroLatam has contributed significantly to the evolution of the football industry.

The Future of Football: Education and Collaboration

Looking ahead, Óscar envisions a football industry that places people at its core and values knowledge as a vital tool. His fondest memories of past World Football Summit events resonate with the spirit of networking, learning and collaboration. He acknowledges the bond formed with WFS, highlighting our unique blend of camaraderie. With over 300 professional events in his repertoire, Óscar recognizes WFS as a premier platform that sets new standards in terms of content quality and networking opportunities.

In an industry fueled by passion and tradition, INsports EuroLatam has emerged as a catalyst for change, uniting continents, cultures and ideas. With a commitment to integrity, innovation, and internationalization, they’re helping shape a fair, knowledgable and connected football industry. As we anticipate the upcoming WFS Europe in Sevilla, the seeds of collaboration and education continue to bear fruit, propelling the industry toward a brighter future.

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