A Special Report on Player Performance

· by World Football Summit

It is undeniable that player performance is at the core of the success of any major sport. When players compete to the best of their ability, the quality of the game increases, and therefore starting different fly- wheels ignites the sport’s growth.

A developing game

From a business perspective, more quality should attract more fans, leading investors and broadcasters seeking to enter the market. Similarly, as the game grows, more talented players emerge as time passes, increasing the overall level of the sport.

The rise of women’s football is a clear representation of these dynamics, although it sometimes seems that the football industry does not prioritize the investment needed to truly optimize player performance, as it focuses more on obtaining short-medium term revenues rather than creating long-lasting impact. All of these factors, truly impact the whole realm of player performance.

Our WFS Europe 2022 Workshop & report

The past edition of our flagship event WFS Europe had a special workshop led by Ismael Fernández Cuevas, from ThermoHuman, where a select group of industry experts shared insights and expertise about how these dynamics impact the player performance ecosystem.

This interesting workshop was later turned into a special report on Player Performance that covers the following topics:

  1. Competition requirements
  2. The role of technology
  3. Training
  4. The role of players
  5. Player vs. Institution alignment

This complete report is free for you to download, so make sure you do and stay on top of your game!

We want to thank the following professionals for collaborating in the elaboration of the report by taking the time to attend the Workshop on September 2022:

  • Ty Chin (Senior director at Hudl)
  • Agustina De Giovanni (Mental Performance Coach at Coach ADG)
  • Loic Follet (Internal physical trainer at Olympique Lyonnais)
  •  Cyril Fouquart (Fitness Coach at Losc Lille)
  • Tomás García (Teacher at University of Extremadura)
  • Joaquín González (Head of Youth Academy at Rey Juan Carlos University)
  • Frank Hendrickx (Co-Founder at Sports Talent Network)
  • Javier Mallo (Former Strength and Conditioning Coach at Real Madrid, Manchester City and Atletico de Madrid)
  • Fran Pérez
  • Meeta Singh (CEO & Sleep Medicine Consultant at Performance Delta LLC)
  • Marco van der Putten (Chief Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Healables Digital Health)

workshop thermohumanThe Player Performance Workshop led by ThermoHuman, held at WFSEurope 2022