World Football Summit Official Presentation

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Madrid, June 24, 2016 – World Football Summit begins its journey. The first international convention on the football industry to be held in Madrid on the 27th and 28th October, has just announced the details of its program for the event.

The presentation took place at Club Financiero Génova with the interventions of Mr. Julio Senn from Senn Ferrero Asociados Sports & Entertainment, Mr. Javier Martos, Executive Director of UNICEF Spain, Ms. Lidia Valverde, Communications and PR Manager, Global Sports for Innovation Center- Microsoft, Mr. Miguel Otero, General Director of Foro Marcas Renombradas, Mr. Michael Cunnah, Chairman of iSportconnect and, on behalf of Football World Summit, its Director, Ms. Marian Otamendi. Amongst their different professional perspectives, they have announced details of the three major blocks that will shape the event: Economy, Social Development and Technology.

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The economic implications of football are way over the purely sportive limits, making it an influential industry for the development of almost any country. Referring to it, Mr. Senn, Managing Partner of SFA Sports & Entertainment, has expound the following: “When an industry makes up more than 3% of Spain’s total GDP, we are speaking about something that is more important than a mere business dedicated to entertaining; it is a real industry which will find it’s ground supported by recent, important events in professional football.”

Integration and respect are two of the most relevant aspects in the context of football. Due to this reason, public institutions, clubs and organizations are putting in value the sport, encouraging their practice from early ages. This has been the main topic of Mr. Javier Martos’, Executive Director of UNICEF Spain, intervention: “Football has become a ray of happiness among families with difficulties, in addition to been a school of citizenship education that creates opportunities at social and learning development levels; World Football Summit is precisely working along these lines.”

New technologies are bringing football to an unprecedented level of precision, from comprehensive statistics analysis to devices that stimulate the enhancement of high-performance athletes. Ms. Lidia Valverde, Communications and PR Manager of Global Sports for Innovation Center-Microsoft, has not forgotten to mention this on her intervention by explaining that “technology is one of the key factors which keeps on running the development of talent and innovation. It is transforming the industry of sport in general, and particularly in the context of football.”

The Director of World Football Summit, Marian Otamendi, has expressed that “our vision is to create an international platform around the football industry, an open, inclusive and ongoing effective networking platform that encourages all participants”. “WFS will be held annually in Madrid and will have international editions, where current issues will be discussed and where the Club Palco WFS, an exclusive club formed by collaborators, sponsors and personalities of WFS, will proactively exchange projects, collaborations and businesses.”

World Football Summit will make Madrid the capital of world football on next 27th and 28th  October. It is supported by Marca España and counts with the active collaboration of Institutions such as La Comunidad de Madrid, CSD, AFE, Foro de Marcas Renombradas, Madrid Destino and UNICEF. During this networking platform, all the professionals related to the football industry, such as companies, services providers, authorities and personalities within the sector will meet and have the opportunity to engage.

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More info on the website of World Football Summit